Friday, September 30, 2011

Chief Petty Officer Pinning Ceremony

Every year on September 16th, the Chief Petty Officer Selectees are Pinned and are then authorized to assume the title and wear the uniform of a Chief Petty Officer. The new chiefs are wearing their new Khaki uniforms for the first time. To those not familiar with the Navy their is a big distinction between their new uniforms, worn by the senior enlisted and those worn by the junior enlisted. Their new uniform becoming identical to that of an officer's uniform except with different insignia. 

Advancement into the Chief Petty Officer grades is the most significant within the enlisted Naval ranks.  
Since we are attached to a reservist squadron, although we are active duty, our ceremony was held on September 17th. 
 They Marched in...
Stood at attention...
They were pinned by friends, family and mentors...
Then they were almost Chiefs...

Their hats were placed by their sponsors, the bell was rung, and they were announced for the first time by their new title as Chief and were welcomed into the Chief's mess. 
 The new Chief!

We then headed over to the F troop, the Chief's Club. 
With the new title the Chiefs will gain new privileges, including access to the Chiefs club on base. They will also be afforded separate dining and living areas, and on any Naval vessel large enough their will be rooms off limits to anyone who is not a chief (including officers) except by specific invitation. The navy refers to this as the Chief's mess, or you may hear it referred to as the "goat locker". 

I had no idea what it meant to make Chief, until my husband made it.
I am so proud of my husband and happy to be a Chief's wife! 



  1. I know this is kind of an old post, but my fiancee is being made chief this September, so I can imagine how excited you were! Did you get him any kind of gift for his pinning?

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Congratulations, that is such a huge accomplishment for your fiancé!! We aren't big gift givers we are more the buy it when you like it type of people. We were also in escrow on our first home so extra cash was not something we had, so we talked about it and decided not to. I did recently get my husband a WWII chief anchor pin off eBay, it wasn't too expensive and it is a great momento. My mom bought my husband an engraved insignia box from medals I'd America to keep his ribbons and anchors in and he loved it!! Honestly it is probably the best gift he ever got, well besides golf clubs ;) It would make a great pinning gift, especially with a vintage anchor inside! Hope that helps! Please email me if you have any other questions.

    2. Oops sorry medal of America! It's :)

  2. Annie, I have a question also. My son is being made Chief next week, and he has asked me to "pin" him. I am so honored as his mother to get to do this. I have a question though. Will they tell me exactly what to do? What kind of pin does the anchors have on them? Is it a pin with a back (like an earring with a back you slip on) or it is a pin that you have to thread thru the collar and then fasten in a clasp? The reason I am asking, is because I will have to carry my reading glasses with me if it's the clasp type pin. I know it sounds nutty, but I just didn't want to struggle with it and take forever! Thank you for your reply in advance!

    1. Congratulations! Being made Chief is such a big deal! The anchor pins have two backs one at the top and one at the bottom with backs like an earing. I don't think it's nutty at all, I made my husband help me practice!! I even had him mark where to put the pins on his uniform. In the end it was no big deal how they went on or if they were straight. Don't worry about it your son will help you and enjoy the day!! Congratulations again ;)

    2. I recently became a proud Mom as my son became Chief. It was a wonderful ceremony and just to be in the presence of him and his entire crew filled my eyes with tears. Not only was the ceremony exactly as you described it, I appreciated it even more knowing what they had to go through for the 6 weeks prior to becoming Chief. Each and every man on that ship more than earned those Anchors and I could already see the change in how he 'grew' from an E6 to a Chief! I had no clue what to get him but I've read your replies and I thank you for the great ideas. I will search the website.

      Congratulations to all the proud wives and moms of "their" Chiefs!!

      Anchors Aweigh!!!