Saturday, October 1, 2011

Khaki Ball

Last weekend we attended our first of what I am sure will be many Khaki Balls. Now that my husband is Chief, we are part of a group of phenomenal service members and spouses. Every year after the Chief pinning, they have a Khaki Ball to welcome all the new chiefs as well as a chance to let you hair down a bit and party! It was a perfect evening and as my husband said many times, this was my kind of event. I got to dress up {buy a new dress!}, get my hair done, and play with my Laura Mercier makeup. There was dinner, drinks, dancing, and good friends all things I !

It also came with gifts {you know how I  anything free!} my husband received a wonderful plaque and in the raffle we won not only a set of Bose computer speakers, but also the grand prize, a new flat screen TV!!! Which will look amazing in our new condo, yup we are in escrow... again. If you don't follow me on twitter then you may not know, but we have been trying to buy a house for six months and have even been in escrow twice previously, but there was always a major flaw with the property. Hopefully the third time really is the charm.

♥  me and my new TV!!   


Adrianna Papell Dress {Nordstroms}

Necklace- vintage broach and earrings on silk {Alameda Antique Faire}

Vince Camuto peep toe pumps {I bought mine at Nordstroms, but they aren't available on-line. can find them here. } super comfy without insoles, I think that is my only pair of heels without Dr. Scholl's inserts! he is my new fav shoe designer

Congratulations to all the new Chiefs!



  1. Congratulations on winning such an awesome prize! And you look so gorgeous! :)

  2. Congrats on your husband making chief! And also congrats on winning such a cool prize!

    You two look like you had a ball! And your dress is fabulous! You must find another occasion to wear it. :)


  3. What an awesome night with a free win, even better! Inlove your 50s style dress!