Sunday, March 11, 2012

St Patrick's Day Projects on a Budget

I love decorating and making projects for the holidays, but with the new house I have to be a little more frugal with my Michaels purchases! So here are some cheap and easy tips for your holiday decor.

I get almost everything that I don't make to decorate my house from estate sales and flea markets. Stuff is usually pretty inexpensive and better quality than your newer items. I love antiques and going to estate sales is a great place to find them inexpensively. Often when I buy a lot and have a random item {like the green bottles below} people will throw them in for free or super cheap. Especially if they don't see what anyone would do with them! I got both green bottles free and the bowl was $2. The little shamrock saucer which was missing the cup so it was only $2. My splurges were the little Lenox Leprechaun {see here, although I got mine quite a bit cheaper on Ebay} and the horseshoe shamrock. I love the horseshoe shamrock idea, now only if I could weld! 

I got this idea from Pinterest and will be trying the original project sometime soon, but here is my shamrock twist on the luminous path at Remodelista. All you do is take rocks from your yard, paint green, glitter and spray with Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating. 

Total $.59= Rock free from my parents backyard + Paint $.59 + Glitter from my craft room {Martha pack $29.99 + 50% coupon from Martha Stewart Magazine} + Krylon coating $4.99 {I already had this and only used a few sprays for the rock}


MINE-  Before  

& After

Typically the glitter continues to get everywhere, but thanks to Jessica over at My World Made By Hand hopefully that won't happen again. She recommends using Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating over your glitter to keep it in place and so far it works like a charm, a lucky charm! 

At I found a great St. Patty's Day printable banner. My banner was super easy to make. I just printed it on brochure paper, cut it out and used small clothes pins to clip it to my green ribbon. I added a few glitter shamrocks, well, just because I love glitter!

TOTAL$2.98 = 2 pieces of brochure paper $.20 {I already had a package $15 for 150 sheets} + Ribbon $1.79 {original $2.99, but 40% off Michaels} + glitter shamrocks $.99 {on clearance at Michaels}, mini clothespins were free from my mom.

I also got this idea on Pinterest, but added my own twist. I found this subway art and immediately pinned it. It is from Eighteen25, a cute blog with tons of holiday decor ideas. I love how she framed hers and put it on a shelf. {check hers out here}. I of course had to add glitter so I printed it out on brochure paper, Mod Podged it to the canvas. After it was dry I took my Martha glitter pens and glittered a few of the letters. I know it is hard to see in the picture, but it looks really cool on my mantle.

Total= $1.30
Brochure paper $.10
+ Canvas $1.20 {originally $19.99 for a pack of 10, but had 40% off coupon}
+ Mod Podge already in the craft closet {$4 for 8 ounces & it lasts forever if you don't glue the lid shut!}
+ Glitter Pens, present form my mom. Thanks mom ;) {I used the Iridescent Variety Pack of 12, I also have the big pack. They were $8.50 originally $16.99 - 50%off coupon form Martha Stewart Magazine}

I think flowers add so much to my holiday decor and usually you can get pretty and long lasting flowers for not very much. I like to get mine from Trader Joe's, they usually have cool holiday specific flowers for not too much. I hosted book club last weekend so I went a little overboard with the amount of flowers I bought.  I was able to have enough for three pitchers, the three small vases on the mantle, the vintage bottles from my kitchen table, and two more vases. All the vases were thrifted or from antique faires. I bought 5 packs for $3.99 each.

Did you decorate for St. Patrick's Day?


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  1. i LOVE all the flowers you have everywhere -- especially the green ones on the table :]

    i'm such a pinterest addict, too!! but absolutely terrible at decorating... seems like such a conundrum!