Saturday, March 31, 2012

iStuff for Dummies... like me!

This week I did the much dreaded upgrade and move to iCloud, it went smoother than I expected on my computer, but not so well on my noniphone phone. As soon as the upgrade was done the email on my android evo shift went down, and if you are like me are you are all too reliant on your email so this was a disaster of epic proportion ;) 

So I did what I always do when I cant figure out how to do something I googled it. Normally this works like a charm, but this time all I found were people with the same problem and no idea how to fix it. Some had even been to their phone providers stores with no luck.  Finally after searching and searching I found a link to apples response,  if it had been worded better google would have pooped it up, you can find that here. However this didn't work on my phone so back to google I went, I finally found this brilliant blogger and he had a tutorial on how to make my phone work again. Thanks so much, Santosh! You are a life saver!  (find his tutorial here). 

Of course this didn't work at first for me either so after several tries and combinations I decided to go thru the comments. He was nice enough to respond helpfully to all of his comments {something I am guilty of not doing!}. About half way down I found a great tip, for some reason if you sign into your apple account and change your password and then set it up, following his instructions, it works. So I thought what the hell it can't hurt so I changed my password and viola it worked!!!!! Thanks so much Santosh you rock!

For some reason like having to upgrade to iCloud wasn't stressful enough the night before my cross country trip to Florida, I decided to buy and set up an iPad. I figured hey the iPad 3 was just released so the iPad 2 should be on sale as cheap as its going to get and sure enough the exchange and them $100 off plus I had a 5% off coupon and a $100 gift card. 

So far I really like my iPad. I do suggest buying the 3G one if you can afford it. You don't have to have To set it up and the data plans start at $14.99 and their is no contract, it's month to month. (disclaimer- please read or ask when you sign up to make sure yours works the same way.) My only problems so far was that the contacts and twitter will not open, when I try to open them they pop up for half a second and close back down. (yes I tried the basic reset) I also googled this problem, many were experiencing the same problem but no one seemed to know how to fix it. 

I thought I would have to head to the Mac store when I got back to Cali, but luckily Google saved me again.  I found this helpful apple discussion here.  I plugged my iPad into my computer and backed it up in iTunes, then I hit the reset button on iTunes to completely wipe clean my iPad. This would have been more nerve racking, but I'd only had it a week so not much to loose. I had to erase all the data, apps and settings on the iPad and then set it up like a new iPad, do not use the automatic backup or it will not fix it. Trust me I tried that first! I then reinstalled all the apps and movies from iTunes on my computer and my iPad works great and I didn't loose anything that as on there!

                                        Do you have a iPad? Have you had any problems? 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wish You Were Here Wednesday: Ringling Museum of Art; Sarasota, Florida

Last week I went to visit my Grandpa in Florida. I absolutely love Florida, from the beautiful beaches to cheap stuff I just love my trips there. On Monday we headed to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota. Mondays was not the ideal day for us to go since the art museum is free and very crowded. We wanted to see the Ca' d'Zan Mansion and circus museums as well so we didn't really get anything free and it meant more people were there. But if you want to see the art museum for free Monday is your day! They do offer a military discount, but only to active duty. 
The grounds were huge, there are two restauraunts, the mansion, the Ringling museum, the miniature circus model, an art museum and several gardens.  It would be easy to spend all day there and we spent several hours exploring the property.

The Ca' d'Zan Mansion was certainly lavish for its time, built in the 20s, well any time really, it had 50+ rooms and was 5 stories. The outside was beautiful, but the inside was a a bit garish. Definitely not the decorations I would have gone with! The upstairs has a bathroom made completely of marble that I wouldn't mind having.

My favorite part was the back patio, really patio isn't the right word since it was probably more square feet than most peoples homes. The view of the water was phenomenal and I could have lounged there all day, especially if I had someone to bring me cocktails! Even the floor was amazing, it was all made of different colors of marble in a chevron pattern. We would have lounged their longer if it weren't for some rude people who came and loudly interrupted our shady solitude.

The Circus museum was by far my favorite part of the day, I always loved the circus when I was a girl. My parents would take me every year when the circus rolled into town. I still remember being in awe of it all, I loved it all! At the museum they have tons of memorabilia, from the sideshow banners, circus posters and wagons, there is a little bit of everything that makes the circus grand. 

Also on display in the museum is the Wisconsin, built in 1905, the private rail car of Johns and Mable Ringling. It was beautiful and even I would have loved to live in this train car. It was reminiscent of Water for Elephants. 

Next stop was the world's largest miniature circus, it was ginormous and so detailed. You really could imagine how wonderful it would have been to see the old time circus pull into tow. The main tent was 
600 by 200 and only took 2 hours to set up the city without a zipocde. The lines began at dawn for the greatest show on earth. 

Their was a band and magical performers, you could see people flying through the air and animals walk on two legs. I can see why it was called the greatest show on earth! The circus was such a big deal that in many towns the schools and factories would close so that everyone in town could enjoy it. 
 The Sideshow- was the smallest of the tents and entry required a separate ticket.  Men shouted "ballyhoo" from outside the tents to describe the strange and wonderful things inside.
The Menagerie- was the tent where the common an exotic animals were kept. For many it was the first time they saw animals from other continents. Along with your usual circus animals like the elephants and lions, there were also hippos, giraffes and even kangaroos. Many of the animals were kept in beautiful caged wagons, like the ones on display in the museum.
 The miniature circus had everything, even a bathroom!
 The Big Top- The largest of all the tents is where the performances were. It was raised in just a few hours and had over 500 stakes and 20,000 yards of canvas.  The big top was the center of the circus experience. In 1926 the performance included 800 performers and lasted two and a half hours.
I always wanted to be one of the ladies who was all dressed up and doing tricks on horseback. I sort of got to experience this at the museum. 
I bought a book of old circus poster and I can't wait to decoupage the photos onto canvas and paint the edges black. I plan to hang them in my bathroom something like how these old poster were hung in the museum. Hopefully I can get it together and do it soon ;) 

We headed downtown for some shopping and a snack and then headed to the beach for a little walk and to collect some shells. All in all it was a great day spent in Sarasota. 

What was your favorite circus performance? 
Did you ever want to run away and join the circus?


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home Decor: Strike a Match, Light the Chandelier

I bought the cutest Hot Pink Vintage Chandelier from the Alameda Antique Faire a few months ago and I finally got around to re-vamping it. You may be thinking, it was so cute pink why would you paint it. I know I liked it pink too, I just figured my husband wouldn't think it was quite as awesome as I was in our bedroom!
The Before (Amazingly I remembered to take one)
My moms ingenious way to paint it, I hung it with a bungee cord from our basketball hoop.
I painters taped everything that I didn't want sprayed 
Then I used my favorite Rustoleum 2x primer, almost 2 cans. then I used Rustoleum black glossy paint- 2 full cans and then a little bit. I could have done it with 2, but later realized I'd missed a spot! Now I just need to put the crystals back on and wire it up!

I originally wanted this for our bedroom, but since we didn't have an overhead light I put it in our closet. It actually provides a lot of light and looks great!



Chandelier- $99 (I think I haggled her down a bit, but honestly can't remember what I paid)
Rustoleum Primer- $6.80
Rustoleum Black Spray Paint- $ 12.00
TOTAL: $ 117.80

I have some other neat projects from my closet, I'll share those soon.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wish You Were Here Wednesday: Florida

I am currently in Florida! So for this weeks Wish You Were Here, I really do wish you were here! We are having a fabulous time and I will tell you all about it in next weeks post, but for now I will just post a few pics from my last trip here. I would post new ones, but well I'm staying at my Grandpa's and I'm pretty sure they don't have wifi so I didn't bother to pack my computer and I'm not cool enough to have an iPad yet ;)

Have you been to Florida? 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Pinterest Projects Come to Life

I love having a holiday wreath and doormat for everything! I just didn't have a wreath for everyday use so when I found this one on Pinterest I knew it was perfect! Dara Marie over at Teach. Craft. Love. has made a couple of really great wreath for herself and her friends and I just had to recreate one for my front door!
Wreath from Teach. Craft. Love. 


Total $32.30 =  wreath $4.99 {18inch} + Flowers $12.99 + berries $2.99 + numbers $1.99 each + ribbon $2.09+ Craft smart acryllic paint $.59 + foam brush $.69 {reusable just was it out good immediately after use}

I got this idea from Pinterest and will be trying the original project sometime soon, but here is my shamrock twist on the luminous path at Remodelista. All you do is take rocks from your yard, paint green, glitter and spray with Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating. {see my tutorial here}



Love and Glitter Letters
Just letters, paint, glitter and Krylon spray. {there wasn't a link with this picture, please let me know if you know its origin.} Just craft store letter, craft paint and Martha glitter an easy and tested method! The tray was $2 at an estate sale and I just sprayed it with my fav Rustoleum 2x spray paint from my shed. Then I took some scrapbook paper I had, cut to size and laid laminate over the top of the paper. My first thought was to Mod Podge it down, but this was I can change it for each holiday.


TOTAL $11.96  = Letters $2.99 each + craft paint .59 {already had} + glitter $4.99 {but I had a $5 coupon for Michaels so it was free!}

Printable Banner
Just print, use Martha glitter pens and hang. This project didn't cost me anything, I just used things I already had around the house.



Flower Display
Super cute and easy for any holiday, I will be using the eggs for my Easter arrangement. {there are some more great flower arranging tips at B-Movie} I went to the Dollar Store and bought 4 bags of candy heart for my arrangement. The big vase was  $5 from Marshall's and the small one is from the Dollar Store, the bottom of the big vase isn't quite flat so the inside vase won't sit in the middle. Ideally I need a taller inner vase, but hey it was only a dollar!



Staircase photo gallery
I recreated this just before Christmas, Christmas Eve in fact, but never got around to posting it. Caro Thrift Adventures has a tutorial from her staircase here, pictured below. All of my frames were from Ikea or Walmart, except the biggest one on the bottom {see tutorial here}.


I used my laser level and then used painters tape to make the bottom for my line of frames.Then I laid out all the frames I wanted to use in the order I wanted to hang them in. As they were going up I had to move things around, but having them laid out still helped. It is an awkward angle and impossible to get a good picture of the entire hallway, especially since it is rather dark. I just had to give up, these were the best shots I could get. It looks great in person and I have gotten tons of compliments. 

Then we began to hang the frames, with the bottom edge on the painters tape. A few hours later we were done, it took awhile, but we wanted it perfect!


Frame with lined paper- so you can use dry erase marker to write notes to each other. The blog this was linked to said the post was unavailable and although I couldn't find this project there is some other super cute stuff at Blue Cricket Design. I bought a super cheap $2 pink frame from T.J. Max and spray painted it black. I love Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2x spray paint. 



My projects may not have turned out exactly like my Pinterest pins, 
but I am happy with the way they all came out! 

Have you made anything of your pin boards?